First Year Experience Survey (FYE)


The focus of the First Year Experience Survey is the first year cohort entering each Fall semester. These students:

  • are categorized on the Banner system as new matriculants for the Fall semester in question (e.g., 2015 high school graduates attending university for the first time in Fall 2015);
  • they are registered for at least one course at the St. John’s campus or Grenfell campus in the Fall semester;
  • they had completed the Fall semester (i.e., did not register and then withdraw).

The FYE is conducted at the end of the following Winter semester in the months of March and April. The FYE is not done in the same year as NSSE.

In 2009, an online administration was adopted through Memorial's own survey tool. The 2012 and 2013 iterations were conducted jointly with Student Affairs and Services through Student Voice. Subsequent administrations have been done through Fluid Surveys Enterprise account.

The content of the questionnaire has covered a variety of areas over the years incuding:

  • reasons for attending Memorial,
  • choice of program,
  • transition and adjustment to Memorial,
  • integration into the university,
  • preparedness for university,
  • use of resources and services,
  • employment and living arrangements, and
  • sources of finance.

In 2016, the FYE was redesigned to be a more streamlined instrument with a focus on the following aspects of first year academic life:

  • The transition of new students from secondary to post-secondary studies and life at Memorial,
  • The impact of the first year of university on skills development and abilities,
  • Satisfaction with the various services available to them,
  • Overall levels of satisfaction with the university experience. 

Summary reports of recent editions of the FYE can be found below: