Other Internal Surveys

Our goal is to establish and maintain a unified practice for Memorial for surveys dealing with University matters. One important aspect of this is working with any parties at Memorial when it comes to developing and administering surveys aimed at specific topics and student sub-populations. This could range from small in-class surveys for a single department to University-wide surveys on behalf of broader interest groups.


Memorial University Transportation and Parking Surveys

In April of 2010, Memorial University conducted a survey to gather information on transportation practices and issues for employees and students of the St. John’s campus. Separate surveys were developed for staff/faculty (including separately incorporated entities) and students because there are different transportation issues facing these groups. Results were obtained from Survey Monkey and analysed in consultation with the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning of Memorial University. Further details can be found on the Sustainability Office's website.


Graduate Student Surveys Report

During the 2009-2010 academic year, the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in cooperation with the Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP) initiated a series of surveys of various populations of interest to collect information regarding the reasons why individuals apply to and choose to attend (or not attend) Memorial, their experiences as graduate students at Memorial, and their opinions of processes and services related to graduate studies.


Survey of Memorial University Alumni

The Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning (CIAP), in cooperation with the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development, conducted a survey of alumni to collect information about alumni experiences, opinions and references related to alumni services.