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Tools and Resources for Instructors

Here, instructors can find multiple resources to aid in the CEQ process, from selecting IPQs to learning how to interpret the results.  Please follow the links below for more information. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions covering a number of topics including how to provide Instructor Provided Questions, the Publication Opt Out process, and guidance for students on how to complete the CEQ.  Some of the questions relate to the resources listed below.

IPQ - Question Bank

This PDF contains suggestions for the Instructor Provided Question section of the CEQ.  It contains both Likert-style 5-point questions and open-ended questions.  Check out the online CEQ form to see how many questions can be asked.  Any additional questions must be provided to the students by the instructor in advance of the administration period (e.g., through email, an in-class handout, etc.).

Publication opt-out process

This page contains information about the publication opt-out process that must be done at the end of each semester if an instructor does not want their report published to Student Self-Service

Guildelines for response rates

This page contains information regarding suggested response rates based on class size.

How to improve response rates

This PDF contains suggestions for improving student participation in the CEQ.

Interpreting the results

This section is aimed at assisting you in interpreting and understanding the results presented in the reports for the Memorial Course Evaluation Questionnaire (CEQ).

References and Resources on course evaluation

This page contains reading references for further information on the topic of course evaluation and websites of other institution's practices.

CEQ Instructional Video

This video was developed by DELTS to explain how students can complete the CEQ and the benefit of doing so.  We encourage you to show it in your class as a means of improving your response rates.