For visitors

Please note: Visitor permits take a minimum of three (3) hours to process.

• The parking office will offer an electronic parking permit program for visitors.

• Visitors to campus can make their request for parking via an online form:

• A request can be submitted by the host department or directly by the visitor.

• The parking office will require three (3) business hours to process the permit. Inability to meet this will require the visitor to utilize pay and display or meter parking. However, during peak permit sale times this will be extended, and notification will be made via Newsline.

• Permits will only be issued for the time period and day the individual is on campus.

• Large events will be given special consideration, requests should be made to for review and consideration.

• Visitor permits can also be requested and picked up at the parking office if users are unable to access the form or a printer.

• There will no longer be temporary permits issued to departments for use by visitors.

  • There are a total of 438 pay and display parking spaces available on campus in addition to 242 metered spaces. St. Augustine's Anglican Church parking lot is a pay and display parking lot under external management. In addition, there are pay and display lots on the north side of campus in both parking garages. For more information, the campus map can be found here: