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Graduate theses and manuscripts

Graduate CCLAS research (Child Speech)
  • Bryant, Kayla. MA thesis. 2013. "Segmental development: A case study of Northern East Cree"
  • Swain, Erin. MA thesis. 2008. "The Acquisition of Stress in Northern East Cree: A Case Study"
  • Pile, Stephanie. MA thesis, "Codemixing in Cree child and child-directed speech" (in progress)

Graduate CCLAS research on Northern East Cree adult grammar

  • O'Neill, Katharine. MA thesis. 2013. "A phonetic study of empty-headed syllables in Northern East Cree"
  • Knee, Sarah. Ph.D comprehensive paper. 2012. "Vowel devocalization in Northern East Cree"

Graduate students and data processing projects

  • Erica Woolridge (Ph.D candidate), June 2013 (ongoing) CCLAS Project Manager; validation of child speech IPA transcription; Dec 2012 (ongoing) Speech-Language Pathology project "Resonance Diagnostic Tool for speakers of NE Cree" (project undertaken in partnership with Dr Caroline Erdos, Director, Department of Speech and Language Pathology, Montreal Children’s Hospital).
  • Brittany Sobol (MA candidate), May 2013 (ongoing). Coding of child speech and child-directed Speech to investigate the nature of argument realization and major constituent ordering in Cree".
  • Kelly Burkinshaw, MA Linguistics, Jan-Dec 2013. Database organization.
  • Lana Williams, MA Linguistics, Sept 2010-March 2011, Coding Cree demonstratives in Child Speech.
  • David Bowden, MA Linguistics, Sept 2008-Dec 2009, Annotation/transcription of Child Speech translations and target forms.
CCLAS gratefully acknowledges SSHRC funding which has enabled us to provide two MA CCLAS felllowships, awarded to Kevin Terry (2008-2009) and Sara Johansson (2011-2012) to support them during the thesis-writing year of their program. This funding has also enabled CCLAS to provide training and mentorship to all of the graduate students whose personal research projects have taken Northern East Cree as their object of study. 
Contact Julie Brittain for further details of CCLAS M.A. and Ph.D. fellowships.