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Free Courseware Access -

C&C to offer free courseware access at

Are you interested in online training to help develop your career skills? If you are, C&C may have just what you need to get started. Beginning on July 23, 2012, C&C will be offering faculty, staff, students and retirees of Memorial University the opportunity to do courses at the popular online training site

With over 1,400 courses ranging from such diverse topics as personal finance to software development, there¹s something for virtually everyone. Courses are free, self paced and available anywhere you have an internet connection.

Since this is a new service for C&C, they will be starting on a limited subscription basis until demand can be gauged. If you¹d like to find out more, just contact the C&C Service Desk and ask about access to ­ (709)864-4595 or