Printing and Paper Consumption

Print Double Sided

Always print double sided whenever possible to reduce paper usage. We recommend that this setting be enabled by default so that it happens automatically unless you specify differently. If you would like assistance configuring this feature, please contact the Service Desk at 864-4595 or . Sometimes, it is also efficient to print two pages per side. This works well when a small font size is not used. Printing both two pages per side and duplex can reduce the paper used by 4 times. So, a 100 page document prints on 25 pages.

Scan Documents

Scanning documents has become much more common over the past few years. By scanning a document, it can be electronically distributed and stored, thereby reducing waste.

Reduce Unnecessary Printing and Paper Use

Before clicking print, always consider if it is really necessary. Some studies show that chemicals produced by most printers have equivalent health risks as second hand smoke. Often, documents are unnecessarily printed which contributes to waste and chemicals contained within landfills. We strongly encourage the use of paperless billing, estatements, and payroll stubs whenever possible. Opt out of paper stubs at For more information [read more...]

Encourage the use of electronic document submissions. If you are required to submit work using paper, suggest that electronic document submission be setup for you or your group.

You can also visit the Sustainability Office website for more information on how to reduce paper use.

Recycle ink cartridges

By recycling ink jet cartridges, you can help Memorial’s Scholarships in addition to reducing your carbon footprint.

Most printer cartridges (both university owned and personal) can be dropped off at the Computer Purchasing Centre ( for recycling. For a complete list of what can be dropped off, please visit

You can also visit the Sustainability Office website for more information on recycling both inkjet and laser printer cartridges.

Recycle Waste Paper

Effective Sept 1, 2005, recycling of waste paper became mandatory for Memorial as per Government of Newfoundland and Labrador regulations. Paper products are to be disposed of in the blue recycling containers that are currently found throughout most offices and workstations.

Be sure to shred confidential documents before recycling. If additional blue containers are required, please contact Facilities Management at 864-7600.

Paper products to be recycled are: white Paper, telephone books, hard covered books (covers removed), colored paper, shredded paper, envelopes (with and without windows), newspapers, file folders, post-it notes (white or colored), flyers, catalogues, business cards, glossy magazines and soft covered books.

Visit the Sustainability Office website for more information and for a list of paper products which cannot be recycled.

Purchase Paper Made From Recycled Materials

By purchasing paper made from recycled materials, wastage is reduced. However, resources are still consumed by recycling the paper so we still encourage people to reduce wastage.

Reduce Ink Usage

Color charts are printed regularly for management to show usage and trends. Management can convey a positive message to staff by refusing to accept printed color reports and request to receive them electronically instead. While these charts are useful, they can be easily distributed electronically by providing them by email or via a web page.

Many documents are often printed which consume much more ink than needed. When you need to print a document which has an embedded background or unnecessary images, you can copy the text into a blank document to be printed. You an also decrease margin widths and font sizes to reduce ink usage.

If you must print regularly, we encourage the use of software designed to save ink, toner and paper.

Take laptops to meetings instead of printing notes

Instead of printing meeting notes and documents to take to a meeting, bring along a laptop with the documents stored on it if one is available.