Power Consumption

Unplug Unused Devices and use Power Saving Features

Electronics consume power when they are plugged in, even when they are not powered on. Some devices consume a surprising amount of power when they are not used. These devices can be connected to an approved power bar so that they can be easily switched off. Some power bars can also be setup to switch itself off at a predetermined time. Contact the CPC at 864-2373 or cpc@mun.ca for availability. Please note that the purchase of ALL power bars should be approved by Facilities Management. To submit a request, contact Ext. 7600 for a SMA form.

If a device cannot be unplugged, it may have a power saving feature which can be enabled to reduce power usage. Most monitors and printers have this capability. For more information on how to access power management features on individual computers, visit EnergyStar .

Replace Outdated Electronics

Some devices, such as CRT monitors may show a significant cost savings by replacing them with LCD type monitors. Another example is replacing desktop computers with laptops which consume much less energy.

Purchase Energy Efficient Equipment

Equipment labeled as “Energy Star” consume less power than other similar devices.