Reduce unnecessary travel

Take online courses or register for courses locally instead of travelling whenver possible.

Recycle ejunk

Property of the university must be disposed of as described in the policy on surplus assets. Facilities Management have made significant improvements in their disposal procedures to decrease the amount of ejunk being delivered to the landfill. Visit the Sustainibility Office website for more information on computer recycling.

University owned cell phones and accessories can be recycled by providing them to Jean Squires, Computing and Communications. She is located in the Henrietta Harvey building, HH2012B. Contact her at 864-4829 or jean@mun.ca. Personal cell phones can be recycled by dropping them off at one of the various drop-off locations who partner with the “RecycleMyCell” program. Users can find cell phone recycling drop-off locations by entering a postal code at www.recyclemycell.ca. or calling 1-888-797-1740 for more information.

Please see Memorial's Data Removal Policy before any electronics containing data is released for recycling.

Spread the Word

We encourage you to visit the Sustainability Office website for further information. Their site contains detailed information on how Memorial is promoting sustainable practices and provides useful recommendations that everybody can use such as those contained in the “St. John’s Sustainable Living Guide”.

If you know of other tips, feedback or suggestions that we can use to help reduce our carbon footprint that relate to IT, please contact Angela McLoughlin at 864-6898 or by email angela@mun.ca.