Service Name: Tendering for Procurement of IT Products


Memorial University is required to abide by the Provincial Public Tendering Act for all purchases using departmental funding. This act stipulates that any purchases totaling $10,000 or more requires public tendering. The Computer Purchasing Centre (CPC) is the primary resource for procurement of IT products at Memorial. The CPC issues an annual standing offer tender which includes commonly sold items. However, if a department requires non standard items or any items that are not included on the current CPC standing offer, the CPC will facilitate the procurement process by issuing a public tender on the department’s behalf.

What’s included:

Any IT related products as requested by the end user providing they can be sourced by the CPC and suppliers are willing to submit tender bids.

How to request this service:

Computer Purchasing Centre

Tel: 864-2673
Fax: 864-2630

Who can avail of this service:

Memorial University faculty and staff for institutional purchases.


  • Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Immediate service available by phone, fax or in person during open hours.
  • 24 hour response for email.

Response Times:

Average time to complete the entire process would be 5 weeks from initial request to receiving of products, providing specifications are readily available and there are no delays with product availability.

Processes and Tools:

  • CPC receives request from end user.
  • Specifications are finalized and tender documents are prepared.
  • Documents are submitted to Financial and Administrative Services (FAS).
  • Documents are sent to electronic service providers (e.g. MERX. Bids and Pods) who post them for a period of two weeks.
  • Public tender closing held on specified date
  • Evaluation of accepted bids occurs and tender is awarded to the successful bidder
    Items are ordered from the winning bidder.
  • Goods are received by the end user
  • Documentation including bids and ordering information is sent to tendering office in FAS.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:

  • CPC staff is responsible for ensuring proper process is followed and desired products are purchased.
  • CPC Store Manager is accountable for ensuring the Public Tendering Act is followed.

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Bi-annual Customer service survey
  • Web page feedback
  • Email feedback
  • In person feedback from clients

Revision: January 2011

Service Owner: Craig Head, CPC Store Manager