Service Name: Personal Computer Support – Dedicated Assignment


Support services on personal computer systems and local servers are provided by the Personal Computing Group (PCG) of the Department of Computing and Communications (C&C). For departments and faculties requiring service levels beyond what is offered in the standard service, there is the option to move to a dedicated assignment service on a fee-for-service basis. Various services are offered including software installation, hardware and software problem resolution, and application support and system administration.


C&C will assign Personal Computer (PC) support staff with system administration privileges on the client’s server(s). The services are provided on supported versions of Windows, Linux and Apple Macintosh. This service involves assigning a dedicated resource to a department or faculty, and this resource is backed up by alternate staff trained in the area to provide continual coverage. A daily period of coverage is defined (half time or full time) and charged back to the client on a quarterly basis.


The PC Support team is responsible for gathering ongoing requirements and implementing the best solutions possible for the client within the guidelines of Memorial University’s policies. As part of the arrangement a local office or work area with a PC is provided to the C&C employee by the department or faculty.


What's included:


Software Installation: 

- Software is installed following the policies and procedures of Memorial University and C&C.

- The Computer Purchasing Centre (CPC) can arrange for site licenses from a variety of suppliers including Microsoft, Adobe, Corel, and SPSS.

- The PCG is responsible for the correct installation of the license and the PCG will advise users of the End User License Agreement.

- Installation of PC and server Operating Systems. Applications design and installation may require involvement of other specialized staff from C&C. A requirements document will assist in defining what staff should be involved.


Hardware and Software Maintenance and Problem Resolution: 

- The PCG will make best effort to determine the cause of personal computer (PC) issues, such as slowness and unsatisfactory performance of the software and hardware. Support and maintenance of local server(s) as needed.

- Patches and other updates will be applied as planned to foster stability of the environment.

- Software issues related to the installation options are supported using available diagnostic tools.

- Hardware issues for systems under warranty will be coordinated with the retailer or service provider by PCG.

- Hardware issues for systems not under warranty will be addressed with Technical Services.


Scheduled maintenance and upgrades of the Client’s PCs and servers:

- Scheduled maintenance and upgrades of the individual client workstations will be performed during the regular working hours.

- The work can be performed out of normal business hours if required by the client. Agreement of the client for scheduled downtime will be secured in advance.


Application Support: 

- The PCG will offer guidance on the usage of installed PC software, and where required, they will contact other experts or power users to help clients use the software for PC and server applications.

How to request this service:

Service Desk, HH-2012

Tel: 709-864-4595

Fax: 709-864-3514



Request for a service contract can be initiated by querying the Service Desk. Please see next section for fee detail.

Who can avail of this service:

- University departments and faculties which enter into a contract on a fee-for-service basis

- Please contact the Service Desk for referral to the Service Owner for further information regarding cost recovery fees associated with dedicated assignment services.

Out of Scope:

- The personal-owned desktop systems of students, faculty and staff.


- Support is available 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday to Friday, excluding university holidays.

- Summer hours are 8:30am – 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.

Response Times:

- Requests are submitted to the Service Desk and are assigned a priority based on the impact (e.g. number of people affected) and severity (the nature) of the incident.

- Phone calls will be answered 90% of the time within 1 minute. A queuing system is in place to facilitate phone calls in an orderly manner.

- The email queue is monitored on a real time basis during regular business hours and replied to within 3 business hours.

Processes and Tools:

- Log, monitor, and resolve incident using the Remedy Incident Management system.

- A service level agreement will be negotiated with C&C’s Personal Computing Group (PCG) defining service descriptions and general schedules.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:

- Service Desk staff: To properly code tickets to have all necessary information, with appropriate priorities. To offer assistance where possible to achieve first call resolution where possible

- PC Consultants: The front line staff members are responsible for following the defined processes, and researching solutions. New solutions will be escalated to the supervisor or manager as required.

- PC Supervisor: The supervisor is responsible for ensuring the procedures are up-to-date, staff are properly trained, and appropriate staff are scheduled to deal with incoming client request.

- Personal Computing Group Manager: The manager is responsible for securing funding for equipment and staffing needs with the exception of local equipment necessary for doing support at the client department location, and ensuring the PC Support Group activities and priorities are in line with client and departmental vision and objectives.

Key Performance Indicators:

- Volume of incidents

- Time to Resolve

- Client survey results

Revision: September 2010
Service Owner: Personal Computing Group - Margaret Shaw, Manager