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Service Name: Health Sciences Centre Print Shop


The Print Shop offers quality photocopying services with a digital copying system to all departments within the HSC. The Print Shop also operates a convenience copying service, whereby photocopiers are placed throughout various areas of the HSC for copying purposes (specifically for those departments/units that do not have access to a photocopier).

What's included:

- All black and white printing for the Health Science Centre
- Full service satellite copying
- Types and sizes of paper used are card stock, standard, and legal
- 8.5 X11 – Standard White, card stock, coloured, transparencies
- 8.5 X14 – Standard White, coloured
- 11 X 17 white
- 9 X 12 tabs dividers
How to request this service:

- For Convenience photocopying, the departments will issue Auditron key codes to staff.
- For Satellite copying: you are asked to email, phone, or drop off materials to be copied to the HSC print shop.

Tel.: (709) 777-6713
Fax: (709) 777-6400
Who can avail of this service:

- Self-service convenience photocopying is available to employees with a key code at various locations inside the HSC.
- To use the Print Shop services, you must have a university FOAPAL number or signing authority for Eastern Health units.
Out of Scope:

- No color printing offered.
- Not available to patients.

- 24 hours/day, seven days a week, for convenience photocopying.
- Satellite copying service available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Response Times:

Target (Measured Monthly)
Convenience Photocopiers
95% of repair tickets will be resolved in 4-6 business hours
Full service satellite copiers
95% of repair tickets will be resolved in 4-6 business hours
Processes and Tools:

- For Print Shop printing – Printing service requisition processes
- For Satellite copiers - Auditron codes can be obtained from Admin staff within the subscribing departments
Accountabilities and Key Roles:

- HSC Printing Services.
- Computing and Communication’s Admin and Finance group – Billing.
Key Performance Indicators:

- Number of Satellite pages printed.
- Number of convenience pages printed.
- Printing per division.
Revision: December 2009
Service Owner: Finance and Administration - Debbie Earles, Manager