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Data Removal

Service Name: Data Removal
Service Owner: Manager of Personal Computing Group

Equipment containing data must be appropriately erased to ensure privacy and proper adherence to Memorial University’s licensing agreements.
C & C provides a service to erase data from computers as per the Data Removal Policy, prior to surplus or transfer of equipment. This service is coordinated with Facilities Management and includes delivery of the equipment to C & C as part of the standard workflow.

What’s included:
• Wiping personal computers, handheld devices, hard disks for University-owned systems, whether they are being transferred to another department or auctioned to Computers for Schools
• System transfers between user and division.
• Decommissioning of computers.

• As determined by delivery times from Facilities Management.

Processes and Tools:
• Facilities Management Surplus Form -- this form can be obtained from Facilities Management . When the form is completed it must be delivered to Facilities Management.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:
• Service Desk -- single point of contact for clients requesting the service; responsible for recording and tracking requests

• Facilities Management -- responsible for completing the University’s process for declaring equipment surplus, and transporting the surplus equipment to C & C once it is ready for data removal

• lPC Consultant -- responsible for accepting systems, wiping them, and notifying Facilities Management or Computers for Schools when systems are available for pickup in batches.

• Supervisor PC Management and PCG Manager -- ensure the service is running smoothly, manage the physical storage requirements, process changes and escalations of coordination, and challenge issues that might arise.

Key Performance Indicators:
• Data is collected on an annual basis to review the volume and service requirements.

• The time required to resolve incidents is monitored, and Facilities Management is contacted if the physical flow of machines is hampering service quality.

Revision Date: August, 2008
Updated: August, 2008