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Android - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an Android?

A: An Android is an internet and multimedia enabled smartphone, with integrated SMS (Short Message Service), browser, and applications that allows you to easily manage all of your information and communications from a single device. It is part of a leading wireless connectivity solution, which helps keep mobile professionals connected to the people, data, and resources that drive their day by using push-based technology that automatically delivers e-mail and other data to your Android device.

Key features:

  • Single, integrated device for all your data and voice needs.
  • Send and receive e-mail in real time.
  • Integrated phone, SMS, browser, video camera, multimedia, and applications.
  • View e-mail attachments in popular document formats, such as Word and Excel.

Q: What an Android is NOT.

A: An Android is not a personal computer. It does not have a built-in word processor or spread sheet application, though they can be purchased through the App Store. (Google Play) The Android does not have a solid state key board, it only supports touch screen interaction.

Q: What costs are associated with an Android?

A: Startup fees include the cost of the Android handheld and Exchange licensing costs. In addition, there are monthly service charges which vary depending on the data and cell package chosen.

Q: What will I get from C&C?

A: C&C will provide you with an Exchange mailbox and a 400MB quota. You will be automatically notified when you reach 80% of that quota. Mail sent to that mailbox will be synched to the Android and held.

Q: Our department has its own Exchange Server. Can I use that one?

A: No, a C&C Exchange account is required to avail of this service.

Q: Can I restrict what mail gets sent to my Android handheld?

A: Yes, email is pushed from the Exchange server to your Android, so email filters on your desktop computer also apply to your Android. By default, only your Android Inbox will receive email in real time, but this can be customized so that email can be pushed to some or all Android folders.

Q: What if I am out of the service area (or my Android is turned off)?

A: The Android uses a protocol called ActiveSync to synchronize with Exchange. When your Android is able to receive email, it will synch with the Exchange server and download your email.

Q: Can I get mail from all my mail accounts sent to my Android handheld?

A: Yes, you can set up multiple e-mail accounts on an Andrid under the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option.

Q: Will I be able to synchronize my calendar and contacts (etc.)

A: Yes, the Android can synchronize mail, contacts, and calendars for multiple accounts.

Q: Do I need to purchase a cell phone package when I order an Android?

A: Yes, C&C will not provide an Android without an active cellular number.

Q: How do I configure my Exchange account on my Android?

A: Please contact C & C when setting up an Exchange account on your Android as all Androids are different.

Q: How do I configure MUN wireless on my Android?

A: Please contact C & C when setting up a wireless account on your Android as all Androids are different.