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Ordering a Blackberry

Instructions and information on ordering a BlackBerry device.
Getting Started
  1. To use a Blackberry at MUN you need to have an account on MUN's Exchange Server. If you do not already have one then you need to submit a request in a Schedule F1 form and have it signed by you SLA contact.
  2. Submit a Blackberry Service Request form
Initial Costs
The initial costs are for Blackberry licenses and the Blackberry device. These are subject to change.
Please contact the telecommunications office at 864-8241 for current price and availability.
  1. Blackberry Licenses - $140.00 one time charge for Blackberry licenses.
  2. Blackberry Device - The Blackberry itself is currently available in the following models:
  • Blackberry model 8330 (Curve) (has Bluetooth capability, speaker phone & camera)
  • Blackberry model 8830 (World Blackberry) (has Bluetooth capability & speaker phone)
  • Blackberry model 9530 (Storm) (has Bluetooth capability, speaker phone & camera)
If you wish to see specifications see the Downeast Communications Website

Note: The prices listed on the Downeast site are not necessarily the prices available to MUN.

Monthly costs

Monthly costs are for wireless, cellular and data charges
Monthly Wireless access
$6.95 monthly System Access Fee for all wireless devices
Monthly Cellular Plans
  • Pay-As-You-Go package - $0.35 per min (For people who do not want to use the Blackberry as a cell phone but have the capability to use as a cell on a pay per use basis)
  • 200 Anytime minutes (standard) - $17.00 monthly
  • 600 Anytime minutes - $40.00 monthly
  • 1200 Anytime minutes - $80.00 monthly
Monthly Data plans
  • 4MB per month - $ 25.00
  • 8MB per month - $ 40.00
  • 30MB per month - $ 60.00

Submitting an order

When ordering a Blackberry, please provide the following:
1. Name of the Department paying for the Blackberry.
2. FOAPAL account to be used to pay for the Blackberry.
3. Name of the registered user of the Blackberry.
4. MUN Exchange e-mail address of the registered Blackberry user.
5. Blackberry model to be purchased: BB8330, or BB8830 or BB9530
6. Air Time package: 200 Min ($17), or 600 Min ($40), or 1200 Min ($80)
7. Data package: 4MB, 8MB, or 30MB (as listed above)
8. Additional equipment required, e.g. car charger, Bluetooth headset, etc.
9. Other requirements or concerns you wish to mention, such as reusing an existing cell number.