Wireless Setup for Mac OS X 10.3.x

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3.x (Panther)
  • Airport 3.4
  • Airport Extreme card (802.11g)
  1. To check your system requirements, go under the Apple menu and choose About This Mac

  2. A box will pop up showing the Mac OS version running on your Mac.

  3. To check your Airport software version, click the More Info button, which will open the System Profile window (as shown below). Click the Extensions section in the left hand pane of this window. In the right hand pane, scroll down until you see AppleAirPort, the version numbers should be 3.4 or better (if you have run Software update recently, you should be up to date).

  4. To find out your Ethernet Address, click the Network section in the left hand pane and highlight the Airport section in the right pane. The Ethernet Address should be displayed as shown below.

  5. Once you have your wireless account info, click the Airport menu and choose Open Internet Connect

  6. Once the Internet Connect window is open, choose 802.1x

  7. If this option is not on the tool bar, choose New 802.1x Connection from the file menu.

  8. In the 802.1x window, click the Configuration pop up menu and choose Edit Configurations

  9. Fill out the information for your wireless account; your SSID goes in the Wireless Network section. Also de-select all protocols except PEAP in the Authentication section.

  10. Once you are back at the 802.1x window, you should be able to hit the Connect button.

  11. The first time you connect, you may see a sheet pop down asking you to accept a certificate. If this happens, click Accept All and it will go away forever. Once you have connected once, it should connect automatically in the future. You do not have to keep Internet Connect running.