Modem Information

Purchasing a dial up modem involves several choices. Speeds vary from 14.4 kilobits per second(kbps) to 56 kbps, can be purchased as internal computer cards, or portable box-type devices, and can be purchased as credit card size devices for your laptop computer. There are additional features available with your modem, which vary with the price.

Your modem may not function as quickly as the packaging advertises. This is attributed to two causes:

  • The Memorial University modem pool operates at a rate of 28.8 - 33.6 kbps. Although your modem may be rated to operate at 56 kbps, it will only operate at the speed the slowest modem it is "talking" to.

  • Phone lines vary in quality depending on factors such as age and electrical interference. Your phone line may suffer from such electrical interference which creates "noise" - static which makes it difficult for modems to communicate. This will also affect connection speed.

C&C does not support home systems/personal computers, however there is support available to fix dial up issues related to MUN dial up software.