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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MUN supply Internet access from home?

Yes, the department of Computing & Communications offers free Internet access to all faculty, staff, and students of Memorial University of Newfoundland. To access the Internet from home you will need what is known as a modem or dialup account.


How do I get a modem account?

To get a modem account, simply visit the C&C Help Desk (room HH-2012) in the Henrietta Harvey/Math building, or The Commons Computing Support Desk on the main floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Library. Students are required to show their Campus Card as proof of identification while faculty and staff will need a picture ID as well as their employee number. Students, staff, and faculty should also bring in a blank 3-inch floppy disk, cd-r, cd-rw or flashdruve which will be used for copying the MUN Dialup software.


If I use the MUN dialup services from outside the local calling area, will long distance charges apply?

Yes, if you dial into your MUN dialup account from outside the local calling area, you will incur long distance charges. Some long distance service providers may include dialup service in their long-distance flat rate plans but we suggest you contact your long distance provider for further information.


Are there ways to connect to MUN without using C&C's modem pool?

Some people prefer to access the Internet at home through another Internet service provider (ISP) . High speed connections, typically running anywhere from 10 times as fast to 100 times as fast as the MUN modem pool. These are `always on' meaning you never have to dial up to get connected. People using these or other ISPs can still read their MUN e-mail. To do so, just open a web browser and connect to the MUN Webmail page ( By connecting to this web page, you can check your MUN e-mail from any computer with Internet access and a web browser.


Can I get more hours if I need them?

Additional hours may be purchased from the Computer Purchasing Centre (CPC) in room CS1000. The minimum purchase is 10 hours for $7.50. There is no limit on the amount of time that may be purchased.


Is there a charge for a modem account?

No, there is no charge for your modem account. However, modem time is not unlimited and if you should require extra time other than what we provide, you may purchase additional Internet hours from the CPC for a fee.


How much time do I get with my modem account?

Your new modem account is credited with 15 hours of time. Each day an allocation of time (45 minutes) will be added to the account, to a maximum of 15 hours. Time discounts are also given depending on what time of day you connect. For example, if you connect between 1:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, you will only be charged 1/4 of your total connect time. That is, if you spend one hour online, your modem account will be charged only 15 minutes. This system is called the FAIR system, and is explained in detail on the C&C web page.


Some things to try if you are having problems logging into your modem account:

  1. Make sure you are typing your username and password exactly as shown on your information sheet. The password is case-sensitive, meaning uppercase letters are different from lowercase letters. For example, A12bXc is not the same as a12bxc. Make sure the caps lock key is not on.
  2. Be sure you are using your Modem password and not your Webmail password.
  3. Check to see if you have time left in your time bank. The system will not allow you to connect if you are out of time.
  4. If you seem to be connected but cannot view any web pages, you may have connected to a malfunctioning modem. In this case you could try disconnecting and reconnecting.
  5. If after many attempts to connect you are still having problems, call the C&C Service Desk at 864-4595 for assistance.


I forgot/lost my modem account password. How do I get a new one?

If you forget or lose your password, bring your Campus Card to the C&C Service Desk in the Henrietta Harvey building, room HH-2012, or The Commons Computing Support Desk on the main floor of the Queen Elizabeth II Library. Staff will issue a new password while you wait.

*Note: Passwords are not provided via phone or email.


What is the policy for using the dialup service?

A modem account holder must read and agree to the Network Acceptable Use Agreement. Modem account holders are also encouraged to read the Modem Access Policy.