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Central Mail Services

An organization such as Memorial University needs an efficient mail processing service in order to operate effectively. For this reason, Central Mail Services is an integral part of the campus. Central Mail Services is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Receipt and distribution of all internal / external (for university purposes only) mail addressed to faculty, staff, and departments of the university
  • Sorting and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail
  • Coordination of varied courier services, both to and from campus
  • Messenger service for items requiring special handling
  • Folding printed materials and inserting into envelopes, as required
  • Liaise with departments and suppliers to determine of the most cost-effective mailing methods
  • Maintaining a budget and accurately billing departments for mailing charges
  • Issuance, analysis, and award of related contract documents
  • Establishment and maintenance of related policies and procedures

Location: A1017
Tel.: (709) 864-8231
Fax: (709) 864-4569

Assistant Manager, Mail Services: Rick Maloney
Tel.: (709) 864-7123

Manager, Finance and Administration: Debbie Earles
Tel.: (709) 864-4372

Updated: October 2014