Full Text Searches

All web site files on www.mun.ca are indexed continuously using Google. Full text searches may be made of any directory hierarchy.

Here is an example of a WWW form to search all files and directories at and below the URL http://www.mun.ca/cc/.

WWW mun.ca

Here is the HTML code used to produce this form:

To set up a similar search form for your own web pages, simply follow this process:

  1. Copy and paste the above code into your web page.
  2. Modify <input type="hidden" name="hq" value="inurl:www.mun.ca inurl:cc"> by replacing cc with your directory (under /info/www/docs web directory on the webserver).

For example, if you want to search pages under the URL http://www.mun.ca/mydept/mypages, replace "cc" with "mydept/mypages". This results in:

<input type="hidden" name="hq" value="inurl:www.mun.ca inurl:mydept/mypages">

For any problems or questions regarding full text searches, please contact see the Google University help or ccwebworks.