Knowledge Management: Implementing SharePoint at Memorial

The implementation of a knowledge management (KM) solution is expected to lead to the efficient management, collaboration, and distribution of information within the organization. SharePoint 2010 was identified as the preferred tool after a market scan of content management solutions and an analysis of Memorial’s technical environment. It was decided to acquire services to assist with the initial SharePoint service implementations, information governance, and the identification and training of resources for support and future implementations.


  • To implement SharePoint to address the information management technology requirements for Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Benefits to the University include:

Many units have indicated that they are in need of a solution for managing their institutional knowledge that will include:

  • Records Management.
  • Easier information gathering as documentation will be readily available and searchable.
  • Version control - the existence of one authority document and a revision log as opposed to multiple versions of a document with the same title but different content.
  • Coordination/collaboration of document preparation and review.
  • Time management, improved work flow management and cohesiveness within units.
  • Enhance security and support privacy requirements, as well as best practices in information management.
  • Reduce paper usage (and storage space requirements) by providing electronic access to more documents.
  • Reduce reliance on shared drives and quotas.
  • Realize significant productivity improvements.


People from several key units have been identified to represent Memorial’s interest in the project:

  • Vice-Presidents’ Council including the Office of the President, Provost’s Office, VP (Administration and Finance), and VP Research
  • Computing and Communications
  • Facilities Management
  • Office of Collaborations and Partnerships

Project Status / Timeline:

Market research and planning have been completed and a vendor has been selected to provide the expert information governance, and SharePoint implementation for the project. A SharePoint pilot phase is planned for 2012.

This project is currently on hold pending budget allocation – a revised schedule will be prepared when the project resumes.

For more information please contact:

Denise Jones, Manager - Project Management Office, C&C
Phone: (709) 864-2154