Software Updates

When ITS require updates to your computer, the main screen will appear as follows:

The system will prompt you to click for your options. This will bring you to the following screen.

You can view the changes that are required by selecting "View Details". There are 2 options you can choose from:

1.  Apply all changes immediately (recommended)

2.  Apply changes outside your regular working hours

If you choose to select option 2, you can view your configured business hours and it is recommended that you check to restart your computer if required.  If you choose to view your configured business hours, the following 2 screens will appear and introduce you to the Software Center so that you can configure your personal preferences.


This following screen will show the client that the software is currently downloading and installing and will allow you to view the progress.

If the deployment deadline date has passed, and this is the first time that your computer has been turned on since, then the following warning screens will appear after the updates have installed.

It is recommended that you save what you are working on and restart your computer.



If you are experiencing inconvenient reboots on Friday's, then please leave your computers on overnight Thursday's.