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Remedy Upgrade Project 2013/2014

Project Overview

The Remedy Action Request System (ARS) is the primary application engine that supports the IT Service Management (ITSM) suite of applications. The ARS and ITSM application is a mission critical platform that is utilized by C&C to support the IT infrastructure for the university. The core applications that are currently being used by ITS support staff are, Incident Management and Change Management, both of which are integrated with CMDB. The CMDB module is also a core component of the ITSM suite. Although the CMDB module is not currently being utilized within the ITS IT Service Management processes, it is installed automatically with the ITSM platform as a required component.

The Remedy ARS and ITSM application have been running in ITS for over 10 years and have gone through a number of upgrades in the past years; one major upgrade was implemented in 2009. This upgrade took the Remedy system from version 5.5 to 7.1. Since 2009 the Remedy system has been maintained regularly with the installation of service patches, which included patches for both at the ARS and ITSM applications.

The current Remedy environment in ITS is at version 7.1.00 patch 11, patch 11 is the last service patch for this version. BMC have stopped supporting this version as of Nov 30th, 2012 and is highly recommending that C&C upgrade the Remedy environment to the latest version of ARS and ITSM, which is currently at version 8.1.

Implementation Phases

The Remedy upgrade will be conducted in several phases from July 2013 to Spring 2014. The following is a very high-level description of these phases.

  Remedy Upgrade Phases


This project is to be undertaken to realize the following business goals:

  • To get the ITS Remedy server platform and ITSM application up to the current support version.
  • Take advantage of the new ITSM 8.1 application features.
  • Getting the Remedy system to new 64 bit Windows OS for scalability.


For further information contact:

Bruce King - Project Manager, ITS - EAS, Production Support
Email: (  
Phone: (709) 864-3722