Online Domain and Exchange Access Schedule System (Schedule F) forms


The project will revise the current Online Domain and Exchange Access Schedule System (Schedule F) forms, which are being used by both the Memorial Client and Information Technology Services, to determine what access the Memorial client would like for their staff to have on the Memorial shared drive (Voyager) and Exchange email.


  1. To prevent the Memorial client from calling into the service desk and telling us that they did not get the required access.
  2. To prevent TSG from returning forms to service desk because
    a. Access to the domain is not properly defined
    b. Client does not have required Client Access Licenses for resource.
  3. To Bring Schedule “E” Online (Chart of Authorities)
  4. To inform SLA person of each department that one of the employees in their department is about to have their domain/exchange email account expire.
  5. To eliminate Schedule f forms that are faxed or emailed into the Service Desk.
  6. To increase customer satisfaction with the length of time of Schedule F’s being processed.


Tickets regarding Online Domain Access forms (Schedule F system) often come back to the service desk from TSG because the current forms are not specific in regards to access. As well, often clients will not have enough client access licenses to fulfill their request for a person’s access to the domain. When a ticket regarding these forms comes back to the Service Desk, the Service Desk staff has to call the client to define the access or to tell clients about CAL issue. Conversely, clients will call when tickets are resolved, saying that they still do not have the required access. This takes time away from Service Desk staff handling incoming calls. An updated set of forms would resolve this issue. With this forms process, we have also been asked by the clients to send them an email when someone from their department is about to have their domain/exchange access expire. This email will alert clients that domain/exchange access will cease before it actually does, giving the client the ability to send in the extension forms, before expiry of the access.

For further information contact:

Elaine Pace, IT Consultant
Service Desk, Information Technology Services
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Phone: (709) 864-4595

Date: June 2014