Desktop Management (SCCM) Service

Computing and Communications (C&C) will use the MicroSoft System Center Configuration Manager as the underlying product for a desktop management service to improve client satisfaction and have more efficient, effective, proactive security and administration of the desktop environment. C&C will realign our support structure / management as appropriate to create an efficient support environment.

C&C will acquire external Professional Services to provide expert SCCM advice to C&C’s service support teams to develop the operational policies and procedures, design and build the service components, and roll the service out to our clients.

This project will build a new desktop management service that is expected to expand in the coming years. Initially this will be for approximately 2000 Windows-based pc’s and laptops managed by C&C on the St. John’s campus.


The project is being undertaken to

  • Reduce tickets
  • Increase first call resolution
  • Reduce time to close tickets
  • Improve security and risk management.

Clients will see

  • More assistance with some types of 1st calls
  • Less need for visits to client offices
  • Less exposure to virus incidents
  • Shorter downtime to recover from a virus incident

Summary Project Schedule


Tasks / Services

  Summer 2013     Planning, Procurement, Design, Installation, Testing  
  September / October 2013     Pilot  
  October 2013 - March 2014     Deploy SCCM agent to client devices  
  Fall 2013 – Winter 2014     Roll out Application Management (Patching) Service  
  Winter 2014 – Spring 2014     Roll out Remote Assistance Capabilities 
  Winter 2014 – Spring 2014     Roll out OS Deployment Service  

We will communicate the coming changes, and the impact and benefits of this central management tool to our clients throughout the project.

For further information contact:

Audrey Power – Project Manager, C&C - PMO