MUNet3 - St. John's Campus Network Replacement

  • The MUNet3 project is a multi-year, multi-phase upgrade of the networking and communications infrastructure primarily on the St. John’s campus.
  • We are launching the first phase in 2013 to review and address key areas of concern for wireless coverage on campus and to upgrade the capacity and traffic patterns through the core data centre locations.
  • Today’s network has served us well but it is aged and not able to keep up with user demands flowing from more users, more devices and more data.
  • We first need to re-build the underlying network (which connects all the buildings on campus) and we will re-build a large part of the existing wireless network, replacing older Wireless transmitters with newer, more capable ones, however we are also expanding the network to improve coverage in areas where there was little coverage, or where the signal was weak.
  • The planned activities are grouped into phases:
    • Phase 1 2013 Planned Activity
      • Wireless Service Coverage - Access Points (AP’s)
        • ITS are currently planning an upgrade of the ITS wireless network on campus. The upgrade entails replacing equipment and enhancing service in various areas throughout campus.
        • As part of that process, we are meeting with stakeholders on campus to identify areas where we can improve the wireless service for users.
      • Core Interconnection
        • Data Centre North and South
        • The data switches and connections are being upgraded to handle increased data and users
        • Traffic will be re-routed to reduce load between Chemistry & Physics and the Residences
    • Phase 2, 3, 4 Planned Activity
      • Balance Core Interconnection (3 centers) (2014)
      • Distribution and Access in Building Set 1 (2014-2015)
      • Distribution and Access in Building Set 2 (2015-2016)

Comments and questions may be directed to:

George Leslie, Project Manager, PMO
Information Technology Services
Phone: (709) 864-7259

or to (709) 864-4595