C-CORE - Khameleon

Project Description:

C-CORE’s Khameleon project management software has been hosted on the Banner Oracle Server since approximately April 2008. To assist in the expedition of the management of C-CORE’s projects, it would be beneficial to activate a module called Work Bench within the Khameleon platform. This requires activation of Oracle Portal.

The project will require that a separate Oracle Fusion Middleware (OFM) server is setup and configured specifically for C-CORE use. The OFM software, including Oracle Portal, will be supported by Khamsoft, vendor for Khameleon.

Estimated completion date: December 31st, 2013


Business Outcomes:

This project is undertaken to reach the following business outcomes:

  1. Khameleon application will be on its own Oracle server.
  2. Application and OFM supported by vendor.
  3. Oracle Portal supported by vendor.
  4. VM Server supported by C&C.
  5. Database supported by C&C. Remains on Davis server with redundancy support on Miles.
  6. Vendor has agreement with Oracle and C&C to install Oracle’s OFM software on Virtual Machine.

For further information contact:

Terry Fleming, ITSA, Project Lead
Computing and Communications
Email: terry@mun.ca
Phone: (709) 864-3216

Carolyn Walters, Director of Finance and Administration
Email: carolyn.walters@c-core.ca
Phone: (709) 864-4325

Date: October 10, 2013