C&C Space 2013-14

This project is to plan and perform the space moves and reallocations necessitated by two decisions by Memorial’s Space Committee:

  • The repurposing of C&C space in T-12 for aboriginal use.
  • The approval of C&C’s application for the fourth floor space of Spencer Hall, vacated by Lifelong Learning Division.

C&C will use the Spencer space, in conjunction with space in SN-1107, to address the relocation of its T-12 staff, remediate some of the space challenges C&C currently faces, and implement some service reorganization. By thus rationalizing C&C’s space and services, C&C can operate more effectively, and provide better, more integrated, accessible services to our clients:

  • Henrietta Harvey – Technical Operations and Support
  • Spencer – Enterprise Applications, Analysis and Management (Administration & Finance, Office of the Director, SLT, PMO and ITSAs)
  • SN-1107 – Client Service Centre.

Planning, coordination and communication will be key in this project. Renovations and space preparation for staff and service moves must be coordinated with Facilities Management, other departments, and our own units as a domino effect occurs as units begin to move and space becomes available. Many staff within most units in C&C will be affected to some degree and at times C&C client services may be affected. Disruptions to client services must be minimized, planned, and well communicated. C&C’s Business Administration unit will lead this effort, relying on Facilities Management for renovations and moves, with other units of C&C becoming involved for specific aspects (CG – telecommunications & networking, CR – communications to clients, C&C Units - actual moves).

This project is expected to run for the full 2013-14 fiscal year, due to the anticipated availability of space.

For further information contact:

Audrey Power – Project Manager, C&C - PMO
Email: audrey@mun.ca