Blundon Centre Management System Project


The objective of this project is to identify and implement a software system that will automate the business processes of the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre (referred to as the Blundon Centre) and better enable it to offer quality services to its university clients and community.

This need was initially established in 2007 by a Review Panel that completed the External Administrative Review of the Blundon Centre, when an electronic data base and test-scheduling system was recommended. Students with disabilities also requested a more efficient test-booking system during the Teaching and Learning Framework’s consultation phase.

This project also supports goals articulated in the University’s Strategic Plan and the Teaching and Learning Framework. In particular, it will foster the academic and personal success (retention) of students by eliminating the inordinate amount of time they currently have to spend bringing their testing forms back and forth between Memorial’s Blundon Centre and their instructors.

Although all of Memorial’s three campuses were consulted and involved in preliminary discussions during the requirements gathering process, the scope of this project will only address a solution being implemented at the Blundon Centre. (The Learning Centre at Grenfell campus and Student Affairs at the Marine Institute campus will decide on whether to purchase and implement all or components of the software solution once the St. John’s campus project is complete and assuming that it meets their needs.)

Business processes at Memorial’s three campuses are currently manual and paper-based and include numerous forms that require students, faculty, and staff to complete, submit, edit and track.


In seeking a solution, a tender was issued in the fall of 2012. This resulted in the procurement of the ClockWork software product from TechnoPro Computer Solutions. Installation of the application will occur in the fall 2013 and then be piloted to a small group of students and faculty, before it is released at a later date to the larger university population.

The following components are part of the Clockwork solution:

  1. ClockWork Core
  2. Test Bookings
  3. Accommodation Letters
  4. Calendar Outlook Sync
  5. Online Appointment Booking
  6. Disability On-Line Self Registration
  7. Service Providers
  8. Inventory System – Equipment
  9. Online Note Taking Service


For further information please contact:

Dave Starkes, Project Manager
Information Technology Services
Phone: (709) 864-4536

Ruth North, Business Area Manager
Manager, Glenn Roy Blundon Centre
Phone: (709) 864-2156
TTY: (709) 864-4763, Blundon Centre

Date: August 20, 2013