Banner ODS / EDW - Cognos Project

Phase I


This project will implement the Banner Operational Data Store (ODS), Banner Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and the Cognos reporting applications to develop reports based on the MUN Banner data. The first phase of this project will build the Banner ODS and Cognos environments and develop reports drawing on data in Banner HR. Reports will be delivered in priority order, focusing first on those required for Banner HR go-live and following with reports that are needed post-go live. Future phases of the project will include report development for Banner Student and Banner Finance, and implementation of Banner EDW for its advanced reporting functionality.

Goals (Phase I)

  1. Support Human Resources operational reporting and decision-making by developing HR reports needed for go-live in Cognos.
  2. Enable authorized users to view HR report data differently and interactively rather than creating static reports for different University units.
  3. Improve executive-level reporting functionality.
  4. Improve ease of access to data for HR report consumers.
  5. Improve reporting standards across the University (definitions, format, elements reported, selection criteria) and foster inter-unit collaboration in defining requirements.

Project Team (Phase I)

This project consists of individuals from a number of departments throughout Memorial who will be involved in the design, setup and rollout of the new applications and reports. For phase I, these departments include

  • Computing & Communications
  • Human Resources
  • Faculty Administration

Project Timeline

Subject to change, the tentative project completion date for Phase I is the end of 2012.

For more information about this project, please contact

Penny Fillier-Skinner, Associate Director
Enterprise Application Services, C&C
Phone: (709) 864-3768.