ADVISORY: C&C announces EDUROAM service – “roaming wireless”

Computing and Communications is pleased to announce that Memorial has joined the world-wide Eduroam network which consists of institutions throughout 36 European countries, 6 Asia-Pacific countries, the United States, and Canada. In Canada, Eduroam is operated by the Canadian Access Federation with 23 universities participating.

Now, Memorial students, staff and faculty travelling abroad can have their laptops and other wireless
devices configured locally before they leave so that wireless access on any other eduroam” affiliated campus they may visit will be automatic and require no extra configuration. In addition, visiting faculty and staff from participating institutions will also be able to access their home networks without having to set up local "guest" accounts.

Set it up once at your home institution, and it will work at any other eduroam affiliated institution in the world! Free of Charge!

For further information visit our C&C Eduroam webpage or contact the Help Centre at 4595 or .