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Disk Encryption

In February 2009, Computing and Communications (C & C) began a new project to secure University laptop computers.

Research and investigation was performed on a variety of technical solutions which resulted in selection of McAfee Endpoint Encryption (MEE) software. Installing the software on Memorial laptops will ensure that if the laptop is stolen or lost, data contained on the laptop will not be accessible by anyone but the laptop owner because the hard disk will be encrypted.


  • Deploy MEE within C & C and make this product available to the University community.
  • Set up a process whereby MEE can be pre-installed on all University laptops purchased through the Computer Purchasing Center (CPC).

Beginning October 1, the encryption service was made available for all University laptops. If you would like to get your laptop encrypted, please complete a McAfee Endpoint Encryption Account Access form and contact the C&C Service Desk to set up an appointment.

At this point, MEE is only supported for Windows systems. McAfee is planning to have support for Macintosh computers in January 2010.

For more information or help please contact the Service Desk by e-mail: or by phone: (709) 864-4595.