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Laptop Full Disk Encryption

Service Name: Laptop Full Disk Encryption
Service Owner: Kenneth Forward, IT Security Officer


Laptops containing University data should be encrypted so that if a laptop is lost or stolen data remains safe. C&C provides a service to encrypt University-owned laptops using McAfee Endpoint Encryption (MEE) software.

What’s included:

• Laptop backup
• Hard disk check
• Full disk encryption

Initial Point of Contact:

• To set up an appointment or for general inquiries:

C & C Service Desk
Tel: 709-864-4595
Fax: 709-864-3514

To purchase MEE software:

Computer Purchasing Centre CS-1000
Phone 864-2673
Fax 864-2630

Out of Scope:

• Macintosh computers will not be supported by McAfee Endpoint Encryption until Q1 2010
• Personal laptops
• MI and SWGC laptops


• Once configured, encryption functionality is available 24/7 with no scheduled maintenance windows.
• Encryption support is provided by the C&C Service Desk from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Response Times:

• Once the Service Desk is contacted to request the service, an appointment can usually be set up within a couple of days.
• After laptop drop off, the encryption process takes approximately one day.

Processes and Tools:

To avail of the service you must:
• Contact CPC to purchase MEE software*
• Complete McAfee Employee Encryption Access form and return to C&C
• Contact C&C to set up an encryption appointment

*C&C is providing licenses free of charge to the first 200 laptops.

Accountabilities and Key Roles:

• Service Desk -- point of contact for clients requesting encryption service; responsible for recording and tracking requests.
• CPC -- point of contact for clients for purchase of MEE software.
• PC Consultant -- responsible for receiving laptops during appointment time, laptop backup, disk check and encryption.

Key Performance Indicators:

• Total number of encryption requests per quarter or year.
• Number of completed encryption requests per quarter or year.
Updated: October 2009