Kindness Friday


Thanks to everybody who participated in Fill the Square this year.  We appreciate your ongoing support of the food bank.


FILL THE SQUARE EVENT  9am - 4pm in the Paton College Square.  Rainy day site is the Billy Miller Room in Corte Real, Burton's Pond Apartments.  Please note that the Kindness Friday volunteers are running this event.  Therefore, any decision about rainy day changes, if needed, will be announced by that group. 

If your department is collecting for the Campus Food Bank for Kindness Friday, and you want to know what kinds of food items we would like, you can choose anything from the following items. While we accept all donations of non-perishable foods, these items in particular are always needed:

bags of white flour;

bags of sugar;

bottles of cooking oil (corn, sunflower, or canola; not peanut, and preferably 946 ml, please);

dry macaroni, spaghetti or rice (plain packages, family size, are preferred)

cans of any kind of chunky soup

cans of vegetable or chicken noodle soup;

cans of fruit (not individual size);

1 litre containers of orange or apple juice;

cans of milk (whole milk preferred);

individual juice boxes (no kiwi please);

cans of whole kernel corn, preferably 341ml;

cans of protein: tuna, chicken, turkey or ham;

cans of peas

You can also contact us if you have further questions on this topic. We thank you in advance for your support.