Mike Wadden, Ever Green Recycling (left) presents campus food bank coordinator, Noel Veitch, with donation. Also present were Brian Quinn and Paula Mallard, MI’s recycling committee members.  From, December 2008

The Campus Food Bank accepts donations of both food and money.

We are a registered charity and can give tax receipts for cash donations. If you wish to make such a donation, you can phone the Food Bank at 864-3467, or e-mail, to arrange pickup of the funds.

To donate food, you can drop off items at our site, in Corte Real, in Burton's Pond Apartments, on campus, during our hours of operation. You can also drop the items off outside the door to the Food Bank. Our volunteers will move these donated items into our room during their next visit. You can also phone or e-mail if pickup is necessary.

If you wish to donate food and wonder if there are particular items we need, items from the list on the Friday the 13th food drive page are always ones we can use.

Employee/Retiree Donations

If you are a current employee or retiree, you can give to us via payroll deductions.  We have a paper form for this, which you would need to print, sign and mail to Human Resources - Payroll.  Online giving is not available at this time.  As the form notes, the amount given will show in the charitable donation box of your T4.  There will not be a separate receipt from us. 

In Memoriam Donations

If you want to give a donation to the Food Bank in memory of someone, we can give you a tax receipt, and also send an acknowledgement to the family of the deceased person. Just contact us by phone or e-mail as listed above.