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Christmas Hamper Donations

Christmas Hamper 2013

The Campus Food Bank is thrilled with the support that was received from individuals and departments across campus for our Christmas Hamper drive.  We calculated that the food and monies received equalled 48 hampers which was a tremendous show of support. Thirty-seven departments or individual employees, plus one outside agency, donated this year.

In addition to the donations during the hamper drive, some groups collected at Christmas social events and gave us the proceeds as well.

We also received the support of the campus community at the Joy to the World party for employees and pensioners on December 11th.  $1,064 as well as several bags of food were collected for us at that event.

Final hamper recipient numbers were still being tallied as this thank-you was being written, as late requests and late declines were received.  The final number of hampers given out by us is expected to be about 80.

We thank everbody who participated for their contributions.