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Trail 4 – Owens Trail

Trail 4 runs through mature boreal forest, skirting the edge of Oxen Pond. Boardwalks take you through bog areas where northeastern rose (Rosa nitida), purple-stemmed aster (Aster puniceus), tall meadowrue (Thalictrum pubescens), meadowsweet (Spiraea latifolia) and black-girdled bulrush (Scirpus atrocinctus). As the trail comes close to the pond there is a quiet area to sit and enjoy the pond and the wonderful plant life such as Labrador-tea (Rhododendron groenlandicum) and rhodora (Rhododendron canadense) around you.

The log piles, brush piles and rock piles that you see along the trails are not the result of lazy maintenance but are left to provide shelter for squirrels, overwintering adult butterflies and other insects.

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