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Trail 2 – O'Brien Trail

This trail is far more open than trail 1 and follows up the hill to trail 3 and the lookout. Trail 2 runs through the site of the 1961 fire that destroyed most of the boreal forest on the hill. Today the prevalent trees are deciduous species such as dogberry/mountain ash (Sorbus spp.), pin cherry (Prunus pennsylvanica), chuckley pear/service berry (Amelanchier spp.) and mountain alder (Alnus viridis subsp. crispa). It is a bright sunny walk and the increased light has resulted in dense shrub vegetation and excellent crops of berries including mountain holly (Ilex mucronata), crackerberry (Cornus canadensis) and blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium).

Trail 1 - Yetman Trail Trail 3 - O'Brien Trail