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Wildlife-Friendly Garden

Below the gazebo is the wildlife-friendly garden, a garden originally built by the Friends of the Garden in 1991 with the help of a grant from the Shell Environmental Fund. It portrays what can be done in a small urban garden to attract beneficial wildlife of all kinds. The plant material here is especially attractive to bees and butterflies. The man-made pool provides needed water for birds and both dragonflies and green frog have now set up residence.

In front of the shed, there is the heath and heather garden, constructed and dedicated in 2009 to the late Kenneth Proudfoot, Newfoundland’s premier breeder of disease resistant potatoes and an avid Friend of the Garden. This garden is home to over 20 varieties of heaths (Erica), heathers (Calluna) and their relatives. The back of the bed is bordered by deciduous azaleas, all hybrids bred at the Botanical Garden.

Wildlife-friendly Garden

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