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Perennial Border

A dazzling array of colour and form greets the visitor upon entering the parking lot of MUN Botanical Garden. The perennial border runs along the west side of the lot and it very quickly opens the eyes of many residents and visitors alike to the range of plant materials that can be grown here in Newfoundland. From May when lungworts (Pulmonaria) and leopard’s-bane (Doronicum) bloom until November when the last of the autumn crocus (Colchicum) and 'Autumn Joy' Sedum succumb, there is always something in flower. Plants are massed in groups, some of which are repeated a number of times along the length of the garden creating a changing mosaic of colour. Spacing is tight indeed and by mid-summer little soil can be seen here.

The perennial bed is over 8 meters deep allowing for a variety of heights and forms. Low plants such as primroses (Primula), bugleweed (Ajuga) and lungwort (Pulmonaria) at the front of the border build upwards to towering queen-of-the-prairie (Filipendula), rayflower (Ligularia) and monskhood (Aconitum) towards the rear. These are backed by a border Japanese larch (Larix kaempferi), sumac (Rhus typhina) and serviceberry (Amelanchier).

Other garden components are not available to you until after your admission is paid. The perennial bed though is free to all who want to come into the parking lot and spend a short or long while noting down what they may want for their garden. Visit every week or two and bring a pencil for your shopping list.

Perennial Border

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