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Medicinal Garden

On leaving the Field Centre the visitor's first garden component is the Medicinal Garden. Nine brink-lined, somewhat formal beds are divided anatomically; that is they are each devoted to medicinal treatments for body parts or system. Examples include plants traditionally used to treat blood and circulation problems, respiration, skin and kidney functions.

This garden has been created to show the visitor and student the actual plants from which so many of our medicines and herbal remedies have originated. Most of our tonics and remedies are taken as pills, powders or tinctures.

The Medicinal Garden does not promote or champion the use of any one medicinal agent over another. No treatments or recipes are to be found here. Moreover, as with most medicines, a little may be efficacious; too much may be deadly poisonous. Purity, correct identification, dosage and possible interaction should all be known and understood before any treatment is prescribed or taken.

Medicinal Garden

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