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Heritage Garden

The heritage garden is a collection of plants from old Newfoundland gardens. Many of these clones have been on the island for ten generations or more. Started in 1978, this bed lies to the west of the greenhouse and is sheltered from the north wind by an old style Quiggly fence, a traditional Newfoundland windbreak made of vertically woven whips or saplings. With its sunny location and intensely managed soil, it is one of our best growing areas. Visitors enjoy over 70 varieties of perennials in this display as they evoke remembrances of people and gardens past. Even the common names associated with many of these plants - boy's love, grandmother's bluebells and live-forever seem friendly but these are tough, hardy survivors of our unpredictable climate and are often recommended by staff to visitors who want plants that come up every year with minimal fussing. Here you will see our famous fair-maids-of-France (Ranunculus aconitifolius ‘Flore-pleno’), a plant that was almost lost to cultivation.

heritage garden

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