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Crevice Garden

Crevice GardenAs you leave the rhododendron dell and head towards the gazebo you will see our new “slant’” on rock gardening. The crevice garden was constructed in 2009 with the help of a grant from the North American Rock Garden Society and donations from the Newfoundland Rock Garden Society and a supportive Friend of the Garden. A crevice garden is a specialized form of rock garden where the rocks are positioned, rather closely together, in a vertical pattern. Crevice GardenThis results in many narrow cracks or crevices. Small-stature alpines are planted between the cracks, where, over time, they will run, cascade and self-seed. These gardens are far more common in Europe but slowly this style of rock gardening is spreading across North America. It enables more plants to be grown in a small area than conventional rock gardens. Our crevice garden features alpine plants from all over the world: European Alps, Asian Caucasus, Himalayas, Rocky Mountains, South African Drakensberg’s and Patagonia Andes. Crevice GardenThere are also several native Newfoundland arctic-alpine species that call this garden home, including the rare and endangered endemic barrens willow, Salix jejuna.

Rhododendron Dell Wildlife-Friendly Garden