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Cottage Garden

Long on colour, short on formality, the cottage garden is an enthusiastic assemblage of annuals, perennials and shrubs. Climbing bittersweet, hardy kiwi and wild grape festoon the trellises while Jackman clematis engulfs the bird feeder. The old and the new, the exotic and the commonplace all have a home here in what is sometimes considered to be a classic English-style garden. However, there are many styles of English gardens and this is but one type.

Though rather small in area, the Cottage Garden hold the interest as close inspection reveals many more species and varieties than a cursory glance may do. The season is long here with spring blooming primroses, lungwort and bulbs giving way to bellflowers, iris and Shasta daisies. The season ends with autumn crocus and late-blooming sedums and asters. We also incorporate our native lance-leaved goldenrod (Euthamnia graminifolia), which is a natural magnet for butterflies during August and September.

The cottage garden is all about enjoyment and use. It is not a place of intricate cultivation and management. Weeding, feeding and good soil practices are paramount here but pest control (as it is throughout MUN Botanical Garden) is minimal. The diversity or plant species that attracts a diversity of birds and insects results in very few problems.

Cottage Garden

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