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Asian Garden

Asian GardenAsian GardenAsian Garden


This is one of our newest gardens, created in 2012. Most gardeners are familiar with rhododendron, hydrangea, lilac, hosta, astilbe and primrose. They are standards in today’s gardens. But did you know that most of these originate from the Himalayan region of Asia? Newfoundland’s rather unique climate is most similar to that of northern Japan. Since so many plants from Asia do well in our climate, it seemed logical to devote a garden to them. This garden is a mixture of shrubs and perennials. Woody plants include lilacs, hydrangea and weigela while perennials include Ligularia, primroses, hosta and oriental lilies. A visit in early July will reward you with the intense blue flowers of Himalayan blue poppies, Meconopsis, a plant difficult to grow in other parts of North America.

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