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Alpine House

Alpine HouseAlpine HouseAlpine HouseAlpine House





The alpine house is a superb place to view and photograph alpine plants up close. Built in 1991 with funds raised by The Friends of the Garden (FOG), this structure has two viewing benches along the sides and a small rockery at the end. The plants are displayed in clay pots sunk into sand, which helps keep the roots cool and allows for some moisture absorption from the damp sand. The beauty of this design is that plants can be easily removed when they have finished flowering and replaced with others just coming into bloom.

The roof shelters the plants from heavy rains that can ruin delicate flowers, and the slight shading allows the flowers to last longer. Diminutive bellflowers, lewisias, saxifrages and primroses are just some of the scores of species presented for close inspection in the alpine house.

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