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Nature Trails

Five nature trails meander through the 100 acre natural area of Boreal Forest Biome at the MUN Botanical Garden. In this area of the Garden a large variety of Newfoundland plants growing in native habitats including wetlands (bog and fen), freshwater (Oxen Pond), coniferous and deciduous forests and Newfoundland barrens are displayed. Visitors along the trails can also experience the birds, mammals, insects and other wildlife which inhabit this area as well.

On May 30, 2007 the five original trails at the Botanical Garden were dedicated to the original builders/staff of the Garden in the Salute to the Builders 30th Anniversary Celebration.

Trail 1 Yetman Trail dedicated to Gerry Yetman
Trails 2 & 3 O'Brien Trail dedicated to Dr. Aly O'Brien
Trail 4 Owens Trail dedicated to Rick Owens
Trail 5 McLeod Trail dedicated to Dianne McLeod

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Winter at MUNBG
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Oxen Pond
Oxen Pond
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The Boreal Forest
The Boreal Forest
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