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Trail Patrol Information

Trail Patrol Information

Some volunteers prefer to simply walk our trails and report back any problems or sightings. This is a very valuable service. Other volunteers enjoy greeting and chatting with visitors they meet along the way. This is also a very valuable service. The choice is up to you.

All Trail Patrol Volunteers Must:

  1. Be a member of the Friends of the Garden or a MUN student
  2. Be an adult (18+) or accompany an adult
  3. Sign-in and sign-out at the Visitor Service Desk
  4. Follow all MUNBG rules and regulations
  5. Adhere to all safety regulations
  6. Wear a name tag if interacting with the public
  7. Notify the volunteer coordinator if they do not enjoy the work or are not satisfied for any reason. (Volunteer work is meant to be enjoyable and satisfying. Everyone is not suited to every job).
  8. Have fun

Duties Can Include:

  1. Hike the trails within the cultivated gardens and/or the nature trails
  2. Collect litter as you patrol the trails
  3. Check for fallen trees or any other hazards along the trails
  4. Provide assistance to visitors on the trails
  5. Communicate information with staff via the visitor services desk
  6. Photograph wildlife and scenery if you enjoy doing that. If you are on facebook, we love for you to post photos.

Be Prepared – We Recommend:

1. Wear comfortable walking shoes: open-toed not recommended
2. In warm weather: hat, drinking water, insect repellant & sunscreen
3. In cold weather: dress in layers
4. Small knapsack to carry your gear
5. Cellphone, notepad, camera, binoculars*, 2-way radio* (*we can provide these)
6. Bag &/or plastic gloves to collect litter
7. Wipes to wipe off trail plaques (available at front desk)

Why is Trail Patrol Important?

  1. MUN Botanical Garden is a huge area, consisting of 110 acres of flower gardens and nature trails.  
  2. MUNBG is open daily, May – November. Ideally, we would like to see trail patrol volunteers on our trails every day.
  3. Trail patrol volunteers are our eyes and ears, and can act as ambassadors.
  4. If you are comfortable greeting and chatting with visitors you meet along the way, we ask that you wear a name tag or arm band, which will advise the public of your role. In other words, our visitors will feel comfortable approaching you.
  5. Trail patrol volunteers can alert staff of:
  • Nature sightings (ducklings, butterflies, birds, moose, hare, lady-slipper orchids, etc.)
  • Garbage and litter along the trails
  • Safety issues such as broken or loose hand-rails, fallen trees, flooded trails, broken steps, missing signage, loose boardwalks etc.
  • Issues such as unruly visitors, berry-pickers, and hikers off the trail, etc.

Volunteers are not expected to place themselves in any type of confrontational situation. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, do not hesitate to contact senior staff to handle any situation.

Rules of the Road:

1. People are not allowed to pick or collect ANYTHING at MUNBG

2. All visitors must stay on the trails at all times

3. Do not touch or harras wildlife

4. Enjoy yourself!


At MUN Botanical Garden:

  1. Volunteers are needed every day to do trail patrol, when it is busy and when it is quiet.
  2. We encourage volunteers to do trail patrol at a time which is convenient to them (you do not need to give us your schedule – just drop in when you wish during open hours).
  3. It is a healthy activity, involving physical activity, fresh air and fun.
  4. Families interested in volunteering at the Garden are encouraged to try trail patrol as a family group.
  5. If requested, duck feed will be provided.During special events, with high visitor numbers, the help of volunteers is especially appreciated.