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From Garden to Campus

MUN Botanical Garden is offering a series of workshops again this winter on MUN campus. The From Garden to Campus Workshop Series, which starts on January 21, will include workshops on container gardening, composting, gardening with native plants, and more. Registration is not required and participants are invited to bring along their lunch. Everyone is welcome.

Admission: Free for students. Donations gratefully accepted. All proceeds help support the MUN Botanical Garden education programs.
Dates: The 3rd Thursday of the month, January – April, 2016
Time: 12:30 – 1:30 pm
Location: The Landing, Room 3018, University Centre, Memorial University

Session 1

Session # 1
January 21, 2016
Gardening With Native Plants
Instructor: Todd Boland, Research, Research Horticulturist
One of the major gardening trends in North America is utilizing native plants. Such plants are often more carefree with fewer insect and disease problems as they are naturally adapted to our growing conditions. And of course, they are very important to our local pollinating insects. While we often take our native plants for granted, several make admirable additions to our gardens, complementing the more usual ornamental plants we purchase at our local nurseries. This talk will introduce you to the best native plants for using in your garden.
Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Native Plant List

Session 2

Session # 2
February 18, 2016
The 3 Bs of Container Gardening (Boxes, Barrels, and Baskets)
Instructor: Tim Walsh, Nursery Manager
Growing plants in containers has gained popularity over the years. Let us take you through the necessary steps in producing a container that’s sure to turn heads. We’ll cover such topics as container selection, soil type, plants, placement and maintenance. Don’t let a lack of garden space limit your ability to grow annuals, vegetables, and/or herbs this summer.
Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Plant List For Container Gardening

Container Gardening Photo Album (facebook page)

Session # 3
March 17, 2016
Choice Vegetables for the Newfoundland Garden
Instructor: Carl White, Head Gardener
MUN Botanical Garden has been successfully growing vegetables in raised beds for many years. Head gardener, Carl White will provide an overview of his favorite vegetable varieties, as well as timelines for setting and planting seeds, thinning seedlings, harvesting crops, creating and amending soil for best crop production.
Format: Vegetable Gardening PowerPoint Presentation

Session # 4
April 21, 2016
Vermicomposting….. Global Worming!
Instructor: Dr. Norman Goodyear, MUNBG Academic/Research Director
Vermicomposting is a practice that is becoming increasingly important for recycling organic wastes. It can be carried out on a large scale, for example, commercial, municipal, on-farm etc. or equally suited to the home gardener or apartment dweller. The product is a nutrient rich organic matter that can serve as a soil amendment and a fertilizer source for plant growth. A second product for the fishers is the worm itself (if the correct species is chosen) as bait! In this workshop will focus on home vermicomposting and learn about the two best species for this use. We talk about housing, bedding, feeding and harvesting the vermicompost.
Format: PowerPoint presentation with demonstration using live worms!

For more information, please call the Botanical Garden at 864-8590 or email

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