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MUN Botanical Garden Presents

MUN Botanical Garden is offering a series of presentations this winter at the Marine Institute. The MUN Botanical Garden Presents series, which starts on January 15, will include workshops on growing fruit, gardening for pollinators, composting, and more. Registration is not required and participants are invited to bring along their lunch. Everyone is welcome. (Parking is limited at this location).


Admission: Free
Dates: One presentation each month, January – April, 2016
Location: Hampton Hall Lecture Theatre, Marine Institute, 155 Ridge Road
Time: 1-2 pm

Session # 1
January 15, 2016
Plants for the Fragrant Garden
Instructor: Todd Boland, Research Horticulturist
Description: While plants provide us with plenty of colour to dazzle our visual sense, those that stimulate our sense of smell are a little more difficult to find. This talk will introduce you to a selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals that not only provide floral colour, but also offer a wonderful fragrance.
Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Session 1

Session #2
February 12, 2016
Gardening for Bees and Butterflies
Instructor: Todd Boland, Research Horticulturist
Description: Bees and butterflies are a natural component of a healthy garden. Learn how to attract and keep these important pollinators throughout the season and create a wildlife-friendly oasis within your own garden. This power point presentation will discuss suitable plants for our Newfoundland climate which enhance wildlife, including native butterfly host and nectar sources.
Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Session 2

Session #3
March 11, 2016
Backyard Composting
Instructors: Anne Madden, Education Coordinator & Christine Gillard, Education Assistant
Description: Did you know that a compost bin never sleeps? It works 24/7, reducing our organic waste while creating fabulous soil, even during winter! At MUN Botanical Garden we have been creating compost to keep our plants healthy for over 40 years. Learn some problem-solving tips, tricks and advice on how to compost indoors and out, 12 months of the year.
Format: PowerPoint Presentation

Session 3

Session #4
April 15, 2016
Small Fruit for the Home Gardener
Instructor: Todd Boland, Research Horticulturist
Description: Growing edible fruit-bearing trees and shrubs in Newfoundland can be a challenge. Some are reasonably easy, others more challenging. This presentation will outline those types and selections which perform best in Newfoundland and hints on how to grow them to maximize fruit production.
Format: PwerPoint Presentation

For information on this topic, please visit the Compost Section of our website

Session 4

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